From July 2020

Chill & Cozy


Adults Only +18

Breathe freely in surroundings that might have been made for you. Take charge of your time and do what you’ve always wanted to do. Share unique moments together in the morning sun or as night begins to fall, full of promise of what’s to come. No complications, no problems, no hold-ups. Say goodbye to the way you usually do things. It’s your moment, it’s your space.
The first Adults Only in Cambrils. We are a four stars superior hotel located right in the centre of Cambrils, close to the sea and the town, just where you want to be. With all the history and services of the Mònica Hotel also at your hands, we are the perfect alternative to Mònica Hotel if you’re coming with your partner. You can’t miss it!


Excuses to break free

Width and breadth. Body and mind. Space and time. 20 rooms, a unique vision.


Swimming pool - Cafeteria

Swimming pool - Cafeteria

Let time fade away into the horizon. Your wishes are pleasures to enjoy in the pool until night falls or in the cafeteria during the day. Morning, afternoon and evening. Please yourself.

The  best moment is your moment. Dare to be yourself somewhere that evokes exclusivity and maturity. Life is too short not to give it a try. What are you waiting for?

– The gym is located 50m away, at the Mònica Hotel.

– The massage service is performed at the Mònica Hotel Boutique.



Oferta Especial 2020

Oferta Especial 2020



Our purpose in life is to provide you with a unique experience at our adults only hotel here in Cambrils. Feel free and in touch at the same time. Feel full and open to new moments. We are committed to a lifestyle, your life. The ideal you have is now nearer. Discover it.


Galcerán Marquet 5, 
43850 Cambrils

Tel: +34 977 791 000

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